La Liga Signs Deal with StadioPlus to Build in Vegas City District

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Spanish football league La Liga will develop a project in the Decentraland Metaverse in conjunction with StadioPlus, a Spanish tech company which provides guidance to the sports industry, and Vegas City Limited, a company dedicated to the creation of blockchain and metaverse experiences. 

This partnership will see StadioPlus leverage La Liga’s intellectual and industrial property rights. With these rights, StadioPlus will develop parcels of virtual land in the Vegas City district within Decentraland.

La Liga Coming to Decentraland 

It is worth noting that the Vegas City district is home to some of Decentraland’s biggest sports and entertainment areas, which makes it perfect for this project. La Liga-themed land will be developed as the project progresses and once it is done, users can enjoy an immersive sporting experience in a web3 environment. 

This means that they can create avatars, socialise with other users, and even trade assets. 

As Agus Ferreira, CEO of the Decentraland Foundation explains, “Part of Decentraland’s vision is to enable and create experiences for all types of people. We believe that sport is an incredible opportunity to showcase the possibilities of Web3 and decentralisation.”

It was also noted that this could be a massive opportunity for Spanish teams and football leagues, in general, in that they can reach an even wider audience and connect even more with their fans.

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