La Biennale to Showcase NFTs From DeFi Advocate Valentina Picozzi

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Valentina Picozzi, one of the most illustrious Bitcoin artists of our time, is launching an NFT collection dubbed ‘Currency War’ at this year’s seven month long Biennale art display in Venice. Aptly, the collection will be showcased in the event’s Decentral Art Pavilion, where immediately after, it will be launched for collectors to get their hands on.

As its name suggests, the collection is an artistic spin on the failings of the fiat monetary system. More specifically, its artwork is based on the banknotes of currencies which have faced competitive devaluation, a term in international trade which refers to the purposeful devaluation of a currency in order to gain competitive advantage over other currencies. As you probably guessed, the malignant consequence of such strategy is the plummeting in value of all domestic savings within the economy.  

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In recent history, the USA, China, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe have all incurred a famous case of competitive devaluation, which is why the collection’s artwork will be centered around banknotes of these countries. To add an extra sense of symbolism, meaning and resonation to each NFT, the artworks will be embedded with a dynamic (and slightly humorous) animation.

According to Picozzi herself, the collection is something she began working on back in 2016, where in the meantime, she’s produced highly sought after pieces such as ‘I am one,’ ‘I am done,’ and ‘The pizza was good’. 

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