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Draw your swords and sally forth! Kongregate has upgraded its flagship RPG, Bit Heroes Quest, to incorporate NFTs and Web3 technology. Going forward, players can opt-in to a variety of incredible features that will allow them to truly own their hard-earned gaming assets.

Launched in 2016, and acquired by Kongregate in 2019, Bit Heroes Quest has proven itself as a major player in the casual gaming market. Through its addictive turn-based mechanics and retro aesthetics, the much-loved title has garnered over 14 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews.

Now, however, as video gaming moves into the era of Web3, Bit Heroes Quest has incorporated NFTs to create its most immersive experience yet!

Collect, Earn, and Utilize NFT technology Within Bit Heroes Quest

Through the latest upgrade, Bit Heroes Quest has now joined the legions of the wider Bitverse project. Essentially, allowing gamers to purchase NFT characters called ‘Bitverse Heroes’ and use them within a range of interconnected titles, including Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner. As a result, each NFT character will grow in notoriety as they progress through each environment, maintaining their status regardless of the current owner.

Within Bit Heroes Quest, players can choose to play as a standard adventurer, or their personal NFT characters, and venture into the darkest dungeons in search of glory.

Over the course of their dungeon raids, explorers will discover a range of powerful items to equip and use. These will result in upgrades to the main hand, offhand, head, torso, neck, rings, and accessories, as well as companions such as pets and mounts. Once in possession, gamers can store these items on their NFTs, and then trade them on the local marketplace.

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A Wide Range of Modes to Keep Bit Heroes Quest Players on their Toes

Bit Heroes Quest has prepared an incredible range of modes in order to keep gameplay fresh and users challenged. Therefore, they can navigate the dungeon alone in the campaign, tackle fellow players in PVP, engage in formidable boss fights, take part in multiplayer dungeon raids, join guilds for a co-op battle against NPCs or other guilds, enter a massive community campaign to save the city or take part in a frantic paid entry tournament. In addition, Bitverse Hero NFT ownership will also unlock further gaming modes and opportunities.

So, regardless of play style or interest in blockchain technology, Bit Heroes Quest has a little something for everyone. Play for free and ignore the Web3 element, go all in with a Bitverse Hero NFT, or straddle the line halfway between, all options are available in Bit Heroes Quest!

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