KONAMI MEMORIAL NFT #1: Castlevania’s 35th Anniversary

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Guest post by KONAMI

About the KONAMI MEMORIAL NFT series  

We’re excited to introduce our genesis NFT collection and let fans preserve beloved in-game scenes from KONAMI titles as collectibles. No matter how old you are, the famous scenes and background music from the games you played as a child will never fade.  

About Castlevania 

Castlevania is an action-adventure game series, first released in 1986 as a Family Computer Disk System exclusive title. The unique world, beautiful visuals, and majestic background music have made the series popular around the world, and the latest title, ‘Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls’, is currently available on Apple Arcade. Additionally, all 4 seasons of the animation series ‘Castlevania’ are currently streaming on Netflix.  

Official Castlevania Portal: https://www.konami.com/games/castlevania/ 

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About the Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFT

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Castlevania, we have turned the most memorable game scenes, background music, and newly designed art into NFTs.  

The art was created by a KONAMI staff member who played the original Castlevania as a child 35 years ago and is a massive fan of the series. We have picked up the cuts and art our fans remember the most and immortalized them on the blockchain.  

NFT #1: Castlevania – Dracula’s Castle Pixel Art  

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Shown above is the newly designed pixel art for the ‘KONAMI MEMORIAL NFT’. Based on the map of the Castle that appears in-game, corresponding stages and enemies have been placed to recreate the challenging journey in Castlevania.  

NFT #2: Castlevania – Highlights

1642601410 unnamed 20 1024x1024 1

For the production of this NFT, we gathered several KONAMI employees who played Castlevania in their childhood and recorded their gameplay.  

The filming took longer than expected, but we obtained a large amount of video material. And as we played, memories of challenging enemies and stages came back to life…  

This is a highlights movie focusing on the most impressive Castlevania scenes, with the great vampire hunter Simon Belmont’s adventure of conquering the Castle condensed into 3m 34sec.  

NFT #3: Castlevania – Vampire Killer 

1642601413 unnamed 17 1024x1024 1

The song ‘Vampire Killer’ is still remembered as a classic by fans of Castlevania. This NFT utilizes the background music and gameplay from Block 1 of Castlevania.  

First purchaser campaign 

Customers that purchase the NFT from the official ‘KONAMI MEMORIAL NFT’ account will be able to post their desired nickname on KONAMI’s official website (https://www.konami.com/games/memorialnft/). Please check the official website for details.  

About the drop  

  • There are 14 different types of art NFTs, and only one of each is available.  
  • The auction will be held on the below schedule;  

(US East) Jan.12 17:00 – Jan.14 21:00 EST
(US West) Jan.12 14:00 – Jan.14 18:00 PST
(UK) Jan.12 22:00 – Jan.15 02:00 GMT
(Japan) Jan.13 07:00 – Jan.15 11:00 JST
*Auction beginning times are approximate and may alter.

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