KLAYMETA Goes Multi-Chain with Powerful New BNB Ally

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Medieval anime-style battle heroics will soon get a whole lot more versatile, as the KLAYMETA ecosystem goes multi-chain. The trailblazing platform is taking its first steps towards interoperability by welcoming the powerful BNB network into the fold.

A Powerful New Ally in the Race for Interoperability

As alluded to earlier in the year, KLAYMETA has stormed ahead with its BNB integration, allowing users far and wide to engage with the platform in more ways than ever before. Gamers can finally bridge their Avatar NFTs and $META tokens onto the Binance-managed framework.

The amazing new upgrade will take effect from October 2022 and open up the BNB community to the KLAYMETA world, allowing them to engage with both its Meta Quest and adventure modes through the BNB chain. Then they will rewards for their digital exploits on both the Klaytn and BNB networks.

Going forward, the pioneering GameFi project will allow users to transfer their Avatar NFTs across chains. After which, they will retain their incredible utility within the KLAYMETA game, all resulting in a great leap forward that represents just the first step in its marvellous journey of interoperability. Additional plans are in the works to welcome more chains into its framework in the near future.

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The Rise and Rise of KLAYMETA

KLAYMETA is the flagship blockchain project of accomplished Korean developer, Natris. The expansive NFT ecosystem encompasses NFT gaming, an NFT marketplace, on board DEX, a DAO and a staking protocol, all centered around an invigorating and immersive anime-style medieval escapade.

Through its well-developed infrastructure, gamers can summon NFT avatars and embark on one of two gaming modes. As such, adventure will take explorers on a wild solo expedition through the KLAYMETA environment. On the other hand, Meta Quest will allow players to form alliances in their bid to tackle the trials and tribulations on the road.

Through the storied environment, gamers can acquire and equip incredible artefacts to help them get ahead. Therefore, providing the weapons and adornments to enable the maximum yield of the on-board $META token on their perilous journey.

So, head over to KLAYMETA to find out how its incredible new BNB addition can help send you on an epic odyssey through the blockchain.

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