Kingship Joins Forces with M&Ms for Superb Chocolatey Treat – NFT Plazas

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In a collaboration that absolutely nobody saw coming, NFT musical supergroup, Kingship, has partnered with enduring chocolatey treat, M&Ms. Therefore, marking the first major branding exercise for the non-fungible pop group.

Through the tremendous partnership, Kingship and M&Ms will release 10k limited edition chocolate packs. All taking their inspiration from Van Halen’s infamous tour rider stipulating a bowl of the decedent snack, minus the brown M&Ms. As such, 3900 will feature a brown box with accompanying artwork, with 6000 gift jars also on the menu. The remaining 100 however, will include a rare gold box, with an imprint of the Kingship stars on the chocolates themselves.

“Rider” –

— KINGSHIP (@therealkingship) August 24, 2022

News of the collaboration first broke through Kingship’s exclusive NFT holders club. A virtual venue accessible only by those in possession of a Kingship key card. While information on how to buy the mouth-watering merchandise currently remains within the Kingship community.

“We’re excited to continue our Mars foray into the metaverse through this partnership with 10:22PM and KINGSHIP, as a way to engage our fans in a new and exciting space.”– Jane Hwang – Global vice president at Mars Wrigley

Going forward, M&Ms will continue its delicious pairing by showcasing the latest music video. Displaying it for all to see on their own personal billboard located in Times Square, where it will remain for several weeks.


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