Kid’s Art to Receive NFT Treatment in Cadbury Gems Junior

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World-renowned English chocolatier Cadbury has teamed up with blockchain platform GuardianLink to convert children’s artwork into NFTs. The project is dubbed ‘Cadbury Gems Junior NFT’. As its name suggests, the project involves Cadbury Gems, India’s oldest and most-loved chocolate product which consists of small saucer-shaped chocolate pieces that come in different coloured shells. 

To bring the innovative concept to life, starting in July, parents will be invited to upload their child’s art directly onto the project’s website. Through the entries, Cadbury and GuardianLink will curate a one-of-its-kind online gallery of digital collectibles.

The project will essentially be an ongoing marketplace wherein numerous iterations of children’s artwork being transformed into NFTs will take place. It also comes with an astute marketing campaign which involves partnerships with leading online platforms, influencer engagement, and strategic engagement on social media channels and NFT communities.

Once released, those interested will be able to pay for the NFTs using fiat. Part of the proceeds made from the sales will then go to the project’s partner charity, Save the Children, who will use the money to fund the education of underprivileged children.

In speaking on the project, Yasmin Riaz, the Director of Resource Mobilization for Save the Children India, had this to say:

This heartwarming campaign launched by Mondelez (owners of Cadbury) holds great value for us since both education and psychosocial support are critical areas of Save the Children’s programmes. The activity also gives children a sense of engagement and emotional wellbeing and inspires them to contribute towards securing rights of children from marginalized communities.”


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