Kia Launch Robo Dog NFTs on Tezos

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Kia America have announced their first NFT series on Tezos blockchain, the ‘Robo Dog’ NFT series. As the name suggests, the three-part collection is based on Robo Dog, the adorable robot puppy and star of Kia’s Super Bowl 2022 marketing spot.

Through the sale of the NFT series, which has been facilitated by the car manufacturer’s partnership with NYC-based NFT platform Sweet, a huge proportion of generated revenue will be donated to The Petfinder Foundation, an organisation dedicated to finding eternal homes for in-need animals.

To kick the multilayered NFT initiative off, Kia America launched 10,000 free Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFTs on 11th February. Those who claim the NFTs will get presale access to the 10,000 generative Robo Dog NFTs, which will be launching on February 18th to coincide with the NBA All-Star weekend. The NFTs will be available for purchase on the Sweet website for $20.22, with those holding a Robo Dog Adoption Pass NFT gaining presale access at 3PM ET, whilst the wider public will gain access at 7PM once the public sale commences.

Each Robo Dog NFT will sport a unique set of traits which mimic those of the search preference feature on the The Petfinder website. Such traits include breed, age, size, gender, coat length and colour. Both Kia and The Petfinder hope that collectors will deem older and larger Robo Dog NFTs (i.e. those who usually face the most difficulty in finding a new home) as most desirable, and therefore most scarce.

In addition, on the day of the Super Bowl, Kia America launched six, one-of-a-kind art inspired Robo Dog NFTs. Each were made available at a starting bid of $299, with the auction running until February 18th at 12PM ET.

A huge 90% of all primary sales from all such collections will go to The Petfinder Foundation, whilst an additional 10% royalty is written into the NFTs smart contracts also, meaning The Petfinder Foundation will receive further benefits from secondary sales of Robo Dog NFTs.

Russell Wager, vice president of marketing at Kia America, spoke on the importance of The Petfinder Foundation, especially amid the easing of the stay-at-home climate which the pandemic initially rendered: “Many of us are aware of the increase in pet adoptions as a result of the pandemic. Although tens of thousands of animals have found their forever homes, pet  surrenders to shelters are increasing as people return to work and there are many pets whose stories deserve  to end as happily as Robo Dog’s did in our Super Bowl spot”.

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