Kevin Smith Eyeballs Spring Release for His NFT Directorial Debut

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Acclaimed movie director, Kevin Smith, has revealed his latest project will release exclusively via NFTs. As a result, the ‘Killroy Was Here’ franchise will launch on the Secret Network this Spring.

Smith, a keen supporter of the non-fungible, aims to drop the comedy horror film as a collection of 5,555 tokens. Launching through NFT launchpad, LegenDAO via the Secret Network, an innovative platform that restricts content only to those in possession of the token.

Each NFT will feature a unique generative artwork of the main character, presumably named Killroy. Thereby, providing holders with the ability to create individual content using their NFTs. Following which, Kevin and team will select the best creations on which to base a sequel and build a self-thriving franchise based on the nifty NFTs.

“KillRoy Was Here” will be the first-ever film minted as an NFT!
And we want YOU to help us make the sequel with your very own KillRoy!
Many thanks to our partners at @SecretNetwork and @LegendaoNFT and @CurioNFT!

— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) April 6, 2022

Going forward, the Dogma director hinted that the feature would later receive a wider release. However, as this will also launch through the Secret Network, it’s safe to say it will also involve NFTs. Thereby, allowing distribution to a wider audience while maintaining the exclusivity of the original collection.

“My dream is for ‘KillRoy’ to be its own self-thriving franchise within the world of crypto and NFTs, without ever having to step outside of the blockchain” – Kevin Smith


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