Keith Richards NFT Goes Up Against Paul McCartney at Auction House

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The age-old debate between legendary British rock bands The Beatles and The Rolling Stones will be manifesting itself in a unique and novel way at a LA auction next month. The auction will host a guitar from Keith Richards with an NFT, as well as an autographed bass guitar from Paul McCartney, with onlookers tipping the NFT-infused item to be rendered more valuable.

The auction, held by ‘Julien’s Auctions,’ will take place on January 30th, 2022, at a location in Beverley Hills, as well as online. It is being held as a charity auction for MusiCares, a charity which provides health and recovery programs for musicians.

The auction will see McCartney’s signature Hofner violin bass guitar, the identical model of the guitar he played during The Beatles’ farewell concert in 1969, go up against a Rolling Stones guitar that is accompanied by a four-second video of Keith Richards signing the Gibson ES-335, in the form of an NFT. Speculation over auction prices has already begun, with onlookers expecting that bids for the NFT-infused Rolling Stones guitar will trump those for McCartney’s bass guitar.

Whilst appreciating that one can enjoy both legendary bands, ‘Julien’s Auctions’ executive director, Martin Nolan, stated: “I believe Keith Richards will win this one just because it is so entertaining and because of the NFT.

The auction item is said to be Richards’ first-ever NFT, and is expected to generate a final bid in the region of $6,000-$8,000. In comparison, McCartney’s autographed bass guitar is estimated to auction at a price between $4,000-$6,000.

Despite the excitement that surrounds Keith Richards’ NFT-infused guitar, it is the outfits of South-Korean K-Pop mega-group BTS that are expected to top the auction’s bid chart. The set of seven custom-made outfits (which were worn during their 2021 Grammy performance) are estimated to auction for $30,000-$50,000.

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Image credit via: GQ


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