KAWS made its entrance in the metaverse

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The larger-than-life artist of KAWS, known as Brian Donnelly, is replicating his recent solo show at Serpentine Galleries in the Fortnite metaverse to complement it.

Serpentine Galleries unveiled “New Fiction,” an exhibition showcasing KAWS’ distinctive cartoonish, bug-eyed figures, earlier this week. While the exhibition may appear to be a new platform for the highlighted New York artist, it may open up new options for artists wishing to broaden their influence. “New Fiction” will be featured in the video game Fortnite through February 27th. In addition to a virtual component on the Acute Art app that displays his characters in augmented reality in London’s Kensington Gardens.

While a role-playing game popular with millennials and Generation Z may appear to be an unexpected setting for top-tier art, the video game’s atmosphere is more essential than it appears. Users are spending more time in Fortnite’s creative mode. In which big celebrities concerts, such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, took place. More than 12 million players attended. After creating artwork for one of Travis Scott’s titles, Mr. Donnelly discovered Fortnite’s potential and collaborated with Epic Games, the game’s developer, to design an in-game skeleton costume. Players could wear it to reenact the Halloween animation “The Skeleton Dance.”

Embracing new technologies.

NFTs and the metaverse, according to Donnelly, are the future frontiers of creative expression. Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, skateboarding periodicals and graphics sparked his artistic talents, leading him to go out and spray paint graffiti on blank city walls and freight trains. As technology improved, he immediately embraced the internet and social media. Thus, becoming one of the most visible and sought-after artists in the art world over the last decade. His acceptance of NFT and the metaverse is unsurprising. Indeed, Fortnite has over 400 million registered users and a Serpentine exhibition has an average attendance of roughly 35,000 people.

“I just started to get really into the opportunities that come with it,” Donnelly told foreign media. He is excited that his exhibition will give many Fortnite players their first taste of art in the metaverse. “I’d like to reach out to a new generation.”

Source: https://metanews.com/kaws-made-its-entrance-in-the-metaverse/

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