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In a vibrant technicolour world, where the enduring traits of cute, small and loveable collide, there dwells a race of virtuous and beguiling beings. A mesmerising society of joyous folk with a singular goal to add a little spark to everyday life. So, as the sun rises to usher in a brand-new day, the time feels just about right to add a little ‘kawaii’ into proceedings. Therefore, to bring about a cosmic shift in the wellbeing of all who come near, Kawayushi is about to stroll into town.

The Cutest NFTs on the Blockchain

As the Kawayushi prepare to embark on their spectacular journey, the fair folk of NFTville must first gather their forces. A total of 8,369 wholly unique, 100% adorable Kawayushi NFTs stand at the precipice waiting for a wallet to provide them a comfortable new home.

Those with a design for all things manga, anime and Asian pop art can take a spin into the realm of Kawayushi by acquiring one of a myriad of unique designs programmatically generated from over 500 individual traits, and 13 different body classes. Or, for those lucky enough one of 31 mystic one-of-one Kawayushi that inhabit the collection. Furthermore, each NFT will open a highly stylised door into the wider Kawayushi world, including a number of planned airdrops, merch drops, special events and much more.

To get in on this spectacular Kawaii-themed universe, the first public sale will go live on September 15, where anime lovers can get their latest fix of cuteness for just 0.075 ETH a pop! Traits and characteristics will be revealed just 3 days later.

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A First Taste of Airdropped Goodness

More than just an adorable PFP, Kawayushi comes with a whole host of interactive opportunities. The first of which will arrive during Q4 with the Kawadashi airdrop, resulting in a virtual companion for all your Kawayushi escapades.

Each Kawayushi holder will automatically receive their very own Kawadashi virtual pet, debuting in a colourful bento box capsule that hints at its hidden characteristics, before eventually blossoming into an additional NFT collectible. Just like a real pet, the Kawadashi will respond to care and attention. So, nurture its tiny personality and watch it grow and thrive. Neglect it however, and it will surely die!

More to Come

Heading into the new year, Kawadashi will continue to flesh out its Kawaii-themed universe, bringing about a whole host of merchandise and special events as well as an additional airdrop. Capped off with the introduction of the as yet mysterious Kawaymei, it’s ready to melt hearts with a new injection of sugary sweetness.

So, the time has almost arrived to unleash that inner Kawaii and embrace the incredible world of Kawayushi.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/kawayushi-sets-forth/

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