Kanye West Won’t Do NFTs, For Now At Least

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Source: kanyewest / Instagram


Rap superstar Ye, who changed his legal name from Kanye West last October, is not planning to roll out a non-fungible token (NFT) — at least not for now. However, he could change his mind later, according to the artist’s recent Instagram post.

“My focus is on building real products in the real world,” the musician wrote on a sheet of paper. 

For those who might be wondering what kind of products he had in mind, Ye provided a few examples in his hand-written message to fans: real food, real clothes, real shelter.

“Do not ask me to do a fucking NFT,” the rapper requested from his 10.5m followers on the social media platform.

In the post’s accompanying caption, the Atlanta-born musician denies that his fans will see such a token anytime soon: “STOP ASKING ME TO DO NFT’s I’M NOT FINNA CO-SIGN … FOR NOW I’M NOT ON THAT WAVE I MAKE MUSIC AND PRODUCTS IN THE REAL WORLD.”

At the same time, the letter’s post scriptum leaves some hope for those who would be interested in purchasing a digital asset related to the artist.

“Ask me later,” Ye wrote.

The latest statement comes as the rapper is readying to release his next album, Donda 2, on February 22.

Additionally, it follows the argument West made recently, stating that he should be paid for the photos the paparazzi take of him through the use of NFTs, as it’s unfair that he has no rights to the royalties from paparazzi photos. 

Meanwhile, Ye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian is among the celebrities who are being sued by an investor who alleges that they colluded with Ethereum Max (EMAX) co-founders Steve Gentile and Giovanni Perone to pump the price of the token and then dump them, leaving average investors out in the cold.


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