Kanye West Might Do NFTs, Amusement Parks, New Trademark Applications Show

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Kanye West Might Do NFTs, Amusement Parks, New Trademark Applications Show

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Ye. Source: a video screenshot, Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube


Rap star Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has filed several trademark applications that show the musician might be preparing to mint his own non-fungible tokens (NFTs), alongside a wide range of physical products.

According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Ye has filed 17 new trademark applications around his YEEZUS name, which indicate the rapper aims “to launch YEEZUS-branded amusement parks, NFT’s, toys and more.”

More specifically, he has filed trademark applications for “blockchain-based non-fungible assets,” “currencies and tokens,” and “online retail store services featuring … digital art.” 

One filing even notes the potential for “providing an online marketplace for buyers of crypto and/digital collectibles, currencies, tokens, and assets.”

The applications also include a wide range of other products, including amusement parks, physical and online retail stores, toys, games, sporting equipment, campaign buttons, clothing, bags, household items, and cosmetics.

The intention to launch NFTs shows a u-turn in the rapper’s anti-NFT stance. Just earlier this year, Ye said to his 10.5m Instagram followers that he won’t do NFTs (at that time, at least).

“Do not ask me to do a fucking NFT,” he said, adding, “Ask me later.”

In the caption of the post, the musician said, “FOR NOW I’M NOT ON THAT WAVE I MAKE MUSIC AND PRODUCTS IN THE REAL WORLD.” This could explain the filing application for parks, amusement products, and stores. West has previously expressed interest in creating his own amusement parks.

“What I want to do post-Grammys is I want to work on cities, I want to work on amusement parks, I want to change entertainment experiences,” he reportedly said. “[It’s] something like if McQueen or Tarsem [Singh] was to meet the entertainment value of a Cirque du Soleil or a Walt Disney.”


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