Kaidro Ventures into the Web3 Gaming Realm – NFT Plazas

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Gadget-Bot Productions has unveiled an all-new Web3 gaming title featuring the decade long passion project, Kaidro. Production of this new RPG will showcase the talents of Peggy Chung and Robert Simons, industry veterans who have worked on Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Jurassic World and Ender’s Game. 

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players battle it out with the use of mechs and magic, and will combine player-versus-player, player-versus-environment, and broader questing mechanics. Three teams of three players must achieve various objectives on maps while battling against a wide range of fearsome foes.

Kaidro will initially be available on PC and will later expand to the mobile gaming market. One of its defining characteristics is the integration of NFTs, which adds an exciting layer of depth to the gameplay experience. With each NFT representing a unique playable character from a specific clan, players will have the freedom to control their character as a mech, spirit guardian, or pilot. What’s more, each NFT will offer its own exclusive storyline, and players can unlock a variety of character-specific items to enhance their gameplay.

In addition, Kaidro NFT holders can clone their NFTs up to a specific limit and sell them back to players who might not be interested in NFTs but would like to obtain the skins. This innovative feature provides an opportunity for NFT holders to profit and for players to acquire skins without necessarily buying an NFT.

“We saw things like NFTs and things like that as a way for people to actually own a portion of the ‘Kaidro’ world and forever own it,” says Peggy Chung, co-founder of Gadget-Bot. “We don’t want to be limited with how we can expand that world.”

Kaidro: An Exciting Addition to the Immutable Gaming Ecosystem

Let’s go!! @Immutablehttps://t.co/se1qbBZ8fd

— Kaidro (@kaidrochronicle) April 19, 2023

Kaidro is slated to launch this year on the Ethereum scaling network Immutable. However, It is still being determined whether the game will launch on the legacy Immutable X system, or the recently-announced Immutable zkEVM network. According to Robert Simons, co-founder of Gadget-Bot, Immutable has a clear focus on gaming and allows the team to be “as Web2-friendly as possible” while offering Web3 integrations for those who want them.

“We’ve rebuilt the game multiple times at this point,” says Simons, citing a desire to zero in on fun above all for players. Simons and Chung bring their visual storytelling experience from webcomics and social video into Web3 with a PC role-playing game and partnered animated TV series. 

Kaidro is a promising Web3 game that combines the expertise of veteran game developers with the potential of NFTs. It’s exciting to see how NFTs are becoming an essential component of Web3 games and how they can give ownership to fans and let them be a part of the game world.

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