Junji Ito Brings His Gruesome ‘Tomie’ Series to the Blockchain

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Beloved manga master of the sinister narrative, Junji Ito, has announced a forthcoming NFT collection which will set free his alluring ‘Tomie’ character to gruesomely assimilate with the blockchain.

According to sources, the incredible new collection will debut sometime in November, featuring NFTs of Tomie algorithmically generated from a vast array of individual traits. All of the NFT wizardry will be supplied courtesy of Web3 platform ANIMETA. As of now, details of the project remain scarce, however, both a Twitter account and web landing page have materialized in recent days.

Following the revelation, the ongoing media circus descended into its usual spiral of ‘clicks and outrage’. Therefore, deploying words such as ‘devastated’ and ‘disappointed’ in order to manufacture disdain for the project. If fact, at least 12 people on Twitter have registered their dislike for the news, with many ironically stating that Junji Ito likely has no idea what an NFT is.

Going forwards, ANIMETA will continue supporting the medium with a whole series of long-term manga collaborations, while additionally hinting that several more big players within the industry will join its ranks in the near future.

Check out Junji Ito >> Twitter

Source: https://nftplazas.com/junji-ito-tomie/

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