José Delbo Joins Christie’s Block Party NFT Exhibit in Dubai

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Christie’s non-selling NFT art exhibition dubbed ‘Block Party’ has officially opened its doors to visitors until March 29th, 20222. Block Party is Christie’s first NFT exhibition in the Middle East, with Dubai serving as the perfect location for showcasing digital art in a venue that blends crypto, luxury and culture.

The exhibition features a total of 10 compelling digital artworks by 8 prevalent NFT artists. The artists include Jose Delbo, Trevor Jones, Olive Allen, Justin Aversano, Nicole Ruggiero, Rewind Collective, and more. Fans of the legendary comic and CryptoArtist José Delbo, can see three of his brand new pieces from a collection called “The Masters”. The artworks pay homage to three of the greatest masters; Cezanne, Da Vinci and Van Gogh.

1646819109 josedelbo.jpg

Many will know that José entered the NFT space at the age of 86, after a 70 year career as a comic artist working for studios like Marvel and DC. He is known for releasing the first-ever NFT comic book, and was part of an early movement of NFT artists that helped build the space into what it has become today.

The Block Party exhibition was curated by Daria Borisova, an independent curator and art advisor who previously collaborated with Christie’s and chose Osinachi’s NFT series Different Shades of Water as part of the exhibition. Daria has a passion for discovering emerging artists, and is highly respected in the modern art industry.

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