Join Vandal for First Ever Cryptovoxels Music Video Shoot

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Curator of the metaverse’s most noteworthy music DAO, Vandal, is looking for volunteers to participate in the first ever music video shot entirely in Cryptovoxels. Willing guinea pigs can get a chance to help make metaverse history.

To accompany the release of the brand new song, “The Rare Vandal,” the revered music producer requires an obligatory music video. So, in keeping with the Web3 heroics displayed by Vandal, he will shoot the entire thing in the metaverse.

You’re invited to “The Rare Vandal” Metaverse Music Video Shoot & Listening Party 🥳🌴🎉☀️

March 9th 2022
6PM UTC (live recording)
At the @DAOrecords_ HQ Rooftop in @cryptovoxels

— The Rare Vandal of VanDAO (@vandigital) March 3, 2022

The event will kick off at 6pm UTC sharp, on March 9, at the DAO Records penthouse in Cryptovoxels. However, interested parties must register their interest in advance. On arrival, attendees will undergo a costume change, followed by instructions and a dry run. Then, at approximately 6:30pm filming will begin, consisting of two complete takes.

In addition to the shoot, the event will double as a pre-listening party, allowing all-comers a chance to hear the new song. Furthermore, all registered attendees will also receive two exclusive NFTs on arrival for their troubles, represented by a poster for the event as well as a free Cryptovoxels wearable. In order to receive these incredible items however, both an Ethereum and a NEAR wallet are required.

Sign up for the event >> Here

Head to the DAO Records Penthouse >> Here


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