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It’s time to party, Metaverse style. Voxels’ Dream Boat Princess Lani Kai has now set sail on its maiden voyage. Welcome then, to the first ever Voxels virtual cruise ship where bigger is infinitely better.

Unveiled by the talented Beatminer, Lani Kai comes in full steam ahead as a spectacular virtual vessel featuring 5 decks, a giant grand ballroom, a restaurant, 2 pools, a bar, and 19 suite rooms. So, as Voxels continues to expand possibilities for its users, this latest feature does not disappoint.

What makes the Voxel platform so groundbreaking?

Voxels describes itself as a ‘user-owned virtual world’ with a mission to provide a virtual place where ‘players can buy land, build on it and customize their avatar with wearables,’ and, let’s not forget, users can also party it up aboard a spectacular mega cruise ship.

Dream Boat’s Princess Lani Kai is available for parties on @cryptovoxels in waterfront parcels. Fully collidable and HUGE! 5 Decks. Giant Grand Ballroom, Pool Bar, Reastaurant and 19 room suites. 2 Pools and a Captain’s Bridge! Sound On! Explore Now

— thebeatminer (@thebeatminer) December 16, 2022

Voxels’ virtual playground represents true decentralization that allows users to own everything within its virtual world. No middlemen, no big corporations taking their cut, no gatekeepers, no personal data gatherers, just users building their world and maintaining their freedom. Now that’s something to party about.

It’s fair to anticipate much more updates and enhancements to the cruise ship and party venue. As we saw just earlier this month, Voxels, remains dedicated to upgrading its platform and building a resilient, growing ecosystem.

Ultimately, a party on the Voxels cruise ship sounds like epic fun!

Ready to have a peek? Take a tour of the Voxels cruise ship. Make sure to keep your sound on for the full experience. You can also find out more about the ship and other Voxel projects on the project website.

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