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Over the centuries, the music industry has taken on many guises, from the superstar composers of the opulent 1800s, to the heart pounding rhythms of Rock ‘N’ Roll, and the creative diversity of the electronic movement.

Each has brought its own unique take on how to engage with the medium, and express a genre spanning love for a recorded melody. Now however, the world of audio-based entertainment will play witness to its biggest upheaval yet, the arrival of the Dancing Seahorse and its blockchain-powered musical empire!

A Paradigm Shift in the World of Musical Entertainment

As it gears up for its magnificently star-studded launch, Dancing Seahorse has set its unblinkered sights on shaking up the music industry, bringing back intimate experiences with artists, championing IRL events, transforming the ticketing experience and rewarding loyalty like never before. This is all supported by an engaging music-first ecosystem that will help support new and emerging artists, while simultaneously attracting some of the biggest names in the industry.

Through its expertly crafted infrastructure, Dancing Seahorse aims to turn the rising tide of music inaccessibility. Thereby, ushering in a new age of fan engagement where the average human can meet their idols, gain VIP access to the hottest venues in town, collect exclusive merchandise and unlock amazing experiences.

Underpinning its grand plan, the experienced team are in the process of signing a string of AAA artists while confirming a series of exclusive suites at some of the biggest concerts in the next few months. Coupled with a slew of powerful financial support, this three-pronged approach will see Dancing Seahorse blaze a trail through the music industry, including opportunities to hobnob with the stars, a huge NFT ticketing empire and an in-house NFT marketplace.

Shifting things up a gear, Dancing Seahorse is currently putting the final touches to its own LA club on Hollywood Boulevard, with additional plans to create a network of venues worldwide.

Supported By a Bevy of Wondrous NFTs

In order to celebrate Dancing Seahorse’s grand musical adventure, the project will launch two exclusive NFT drops. The first, taking the shape of the ‘Legendary Seahorses,’ is a fine selection of 444 individually created 3D avatars by some of the most talented 3D designers in the Web3 space. Each is rendered in glorious 4k from a huge array of 800 unique components, unlocking the highest tier of utility. However, these tremendous assets remain reserved by whitelist invite only.

Following swiftly afterwards, the second drop marks a more attainable entry point into the wonderful Dancing Seahorse ecosystem, coming in as 8,888 equally lavish ‘Premium Seahorse’ NFTs, each using the same pool of 800 character traits. However, also featuring an additional array of stylish clothing.

Both NFTs within the Dancing Seahorse ecosystem will come coupled with a wide range of useful utility, with holders receiving airdropped tickets to events worldwide, discounts in the marketplace and entitlement to the native utility token. The legendary tokens will also provide lifetime VIP access to Dancing Seahorse venues worldwide.

The Dancing Seahorse Legendary collection starts minting on September 12th, with the Premium collection coming this October. The whitelist is open right now, so join while you can!

Sign up for the Dancing Seahorse guest list >> Here

Win Big with the Grandest NFT Giveaway Ever!

To get proceedings off to a thunderous start, Dancing Seahorse will launch the biggest NFT giveaway ever experienced, featuring an eye-popping grand prize that includes an amazing $100k NFT. Plus, an all-expenses paid trip to the Dancing Seahorse launch party in LA, including private jet air travel and a 5 star hotel stay. All capped off with an in person meet and greet with a global music superstar!

Jump into Discord to find out how to enter >> Here

The largest Giveaway in NFT history!🤯

> $100k+ NFT!
> All expenses paid trip to our LA Launch Party!
> Private Jet travel
> 5 STAR Hotel
> Meet one of our artists!

Join our Discord to find out how to enter.
👉 👈

— Dancing Seahorse (@DancingSeahorse) August 9, 2022

So, get ready to join Dancing Seahorse and its 30 strong, fully doxxed team, as it prepares to change the music industry forever!

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