Jesse Smith and Team up to Explore the Carkayous Continent

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Over the past year, the Web3 sphere has seen numerous creations and drops supported by diverse and imaginative universes. Many of which, represent hastily cobbled together worlds that lack both continuity and depth.

The latest bucks this trend however, coming from impeccable pedigree, and designed over a 13-year period by ‘new school art’ maestro and tattoo wizard, Jesse Smith. The result, is the wild and vibrant technicolour continent of Carkayous and the incredible characters that inhabit it.

Situated slightly off the coast of the Galapagos islands, Carkayous is the decade spanning love child of the fastidious celebrity tattoo artist. A project born of the desire to provide depth and lore to his wide range of artistry, a place where they all reside and interact. Therefore, any tattoos or designs immortalized by the insatiable Jesse Smith will find a home in the mystical realm of Carkayous.

Helping him long the way, Jesse has possed up with a remarkable collection of the best new school tattooists in the world. A medium, that loosely translates as ‘cartoonist’ and fits perfectly into the NFT dimension. Going forward, this team of pioneers, along with blockchain juggernaut,, will unleash a veritable universe of fantastical non-fungible tokens into the Web3 ecosystem.

“I realized that this was exactly where I needed to be to take Carkayous to the next level. I absolutely love the world building side of the NFT space and all of its potential.” Jesse Smith – Tattoo artist

1651563906 Jesse Smith Carkayous crypto com Psilofish NFT3

Expedition #8: The Blooming of the Psilofish

The first expedition into the outlandish continent of Carkayous will follow a grand exploration into the depths of the Durkin Forest, located in the south east corner of Ferchett’s Island. Therein, collectors will bear witness to the ‘blooming of the Psilofish,’ a once in a lifetime chance encounter with the mesmerizing fauna of the region, where the Psilofish come of age and transform into range of calm inducing jellyfish that float ethereally through the forest in luminous splendour.

As a result, 3,350 hypnotic creatures will arrive on the blockchain. All featuring 13 unique designs over several degrees of scarcity, bringing an exuberant injection of colour to the meta realm. Arriving at 1pm UTC on May 3 in an exclusive thrill a minute drop via the NFT platform.

With this inaugural drop, will usher in the first chapter in a grand plethora of amazing beasts, and exuberant storytelling. Thereby, transforming the incredible mythos of Carkayous into an imaginative interactive Web3 experience and transporting users directly into the mind of master of the ink, Jesse Smith.

1651563910 Jesse Smith Carkayous crypto com Psilofish NFT2

Further Adventures in Carkayous

Expedition #8 will represent just the beginning of this journey into the mystical realm. Over the next year, and Jesse have already prepared the groundwork for the next 8 drops following the inaugural launch. Each providing an additional glimpse into the grand imaginarium of this new school colossus.

For example, Jesse Smith has pencilled in ‘Expedition #10: In search of the butterfly bat’ as a 10k strong PFP collection of outlandish airborne creatures, while additionally bringing the entire range to life using the magic of augmented reality. What is for certain then, is that Carkayous is here to stay.

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