Japanese Street Wear Label Tease with Mysterious BAPE NFT Collection

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High-end Japanese street wear label BAPE released a few teasers for the launch of their ‘The King of Apes’ NFT collection. The collection is set to debut on (B)APETAVERSE, the brand’s NFT community project which allows its most dedicated customers to access exclusive content and opportunities.

Despite the brand seemingly wanting to keep the collection’s explicit details under wraps for now, what we do know is that it’ll feature 10,000 unique, chimp-inspired NFTs. In addition, and after making judgements from the collection’s official teaser image, it would be rational to assume that the NFT artwork will be digitally rendered.

It seems that as of yet, any promotional endeavours from the brand have been made with the intent of keeping the collection ambiguous, to further keep its hypebeast fan base guessing. This can be seen through its mysterious description, which simply reads, ‘All beings of the Metaverse, come greet The King of Apes, whose new face shall be unveiled soon,’ whilst its official teaser video closes with the line ‘WORLD GONE (B)APE, WORLD GONE MAD’. 

The label, which is known as one of the most illustrious of all the hypebeast-style brands, are not alone in their fashion-related NFT venture. In recent months, fellow street wear giants Nike and Adidas also jumped onboard the NFT bandwagon with their respective collaborative initiatives. Other various luxury fashion brands such as Givenchy, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabanna, which admittedly, BAPE’s item prices do sometimes rival, have also assembled their own glamorous spin on the digital asset. 

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/japan-bape-nft-collection/

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