Jadu Raises $36 Million to Bolster Development of AR NFT Game

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Augmented reality (AR) centric start-up Jadu has raised $36 million in a recent Series A funding round, boosting its overall portfolio of investments to over $45 million. The round was led by investment firm Bain Capital Crypto, with the funds to be primarily used for the company’s upcoming AR and NFT game ‘Jadu Mirrorverse’.

More specifically, the funds will help develop the Jadu App, which will further aid in the development of Jadu’s upcoming ‘Mirrorverse,’ an interoperable, AR, and narrative-driven gaming world that’ll allow third party NFTs such as Deadfellaz, CyberKongz, FLUFs, VOIDs, ChibiApes and Meebits, as well as various Sandbox avatars and TBA collections, to be seamlessly integrated.

The upcoming gaming ecosystem will also incorporate ownership of virtual item NFTs, such as hover boards and jet packs which have been custom-designed by A-list stars such as Lewis Hamilton, Grimes, and Snoop Dogg.

There’s no confirmed release date yet, however the company has stated that a beta version of the app will be launched some time throughout the summer months. 

In speaking on Bain Capital Crypto’s confidence in the vision of Jadu, company spokesperson Lydia Hylton had this to say: “We were blown away by the ingenuity of the Jadu team, the immersive AR gameplay, rich narrative around the Mirrorverse and devoted community. We’re excited to back this special project as they bring AR to the center of the Web3 conversation”. 

Source: https://nftplazas.com/jadu-raises-36-million-ar-nft-game/

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