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Over the years, Jack Daniels has established itself as one of the biggest brands in the alcohol industry, becoming essentially synonymous with whiskey itself. But can it conquer the digital world as well? 

That is the question on whiskey lovers’ minds as the company has officially filed trademark applications that hint at future NFT projects.

The filing shows that Jack Daniels is looking to potentially release a suite of products. These include downloadable digital media and collectables, digital wallets, digital art, and so on. Perhaps the most interesting detail in the filing was that of virtual beverages and apparel that can be used in digital worlds. 

While we’ve already seen popular consumer brands release NFT collectables, the fact that the filing specified that these NFTs can be used in digital worlds is curious. This could hint at future NFTs that can be used across different metaverses, which is not a novel concept. Especially within web3 gaming, different projects have already released assets that are compatible with more than one metaverse and this could be a good fit for a company like Jack Daniels. 

If this is true, the NFTs could be bought and then enjoyed the same way their real-life counterparts are. Whiskey in the metaverse, anyone?

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/jack-daniels-files-nft-related-trademarks/

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