Italian Fashion House Prada Takes a Turn for the Non-Fungible

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World-renowned Italian fashion house, Prada, has announced its first independent foray into the world of NFTs, partnering its latest limited-edition clothing release with its very own blockchain-verified digital assets.

Following in the footsteps of fashion contemporaries, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Nike, Prada will take its dive into the non-fungible on June 2. Embarking on a slightly different voyage however, by delivering assets free of charge to those purchasing the physical piece of Prada apparel.

The new non-fungible endeavour will feature in its ‘Timecapsule’ range of limited-edition clothing, providing an additional layer of item verification that includes a corresponding serial number for each pairing. This first outing will back up a set of 100 Cassius Hirst designed unisex button-down shirts.

From June 2nd #PradaTimecapsule customers will have the chance to become the first owners of Prada NFT by purchasing a Timecapsule product which also sees #NFT gifted. #Prada also launches #PradaCrypted the brand’s new community server on Discord.

— PRADA (@Prada) May 30, 2022

Prada will airdrop a 3D animated capsule shaped NFT to all purchasers of the product, coming in black or white depending on the colour of the item obtained. Prada has also indicated plans to conduct a retroactive airdrop for owners of any existing items from the Timecapsule collection.

This marks the second NFT outing for Prada, previously partnering with sportswear giant, Adidas. This time however, the fashion house will shake off the training wheels and go at it alone.


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