Irfan Önürmen Debuts in the NFT Arena with NFTulle Collection

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The world of CryptoArt is a wondrous place filled with jaw-dropping beauty and thought-provoking imagery, where a million worlds collide in a myriad of ideas, styles and disciplines. Here to steal the show however, is Irfan Önürmen, a powerhouse of Turkish contemporary art. Charging into the digital space with his unique brand of storytelling and on point cultural observations. All converging on a magnificent non-fungible experience in the shape of NFTulle, and the fine art it encapsulates.

Irfan’s multifaced NFT project will see the enigmatic designer demonstrate his significant skills to the wider world, resulting in an exquisite selection of designs painted onto fine tulle fabric, then layered to create a commentary on today’s social consciousness. One that art enthusiasts can purchase and collect, in addition to becoming part of a wider community with exclusive benefits.

1652368813 Irfan Onurmen Demonstrates his Power in the NFT Arena with NFTulle Collection3

NFTulle: Origins – The Genesis Collection

The very first instalment of NFTulle will arrive at 11am EST on May 12 in the shape of 150 unique artworks, each representing a ticket into the wider NFTulle world and showcasing the artist’s considerable talents. Therefore, interested collectors can get their hands one of these high class artworks via the official website at 0.4 ETH apiece.

Furthermore, in celebration of this grandiose event, an NFTulle exhibition will take place in tandem with the drop. As such, art enthusiasts can head down to the C24 Gallery in New York on May 12 for a sneak peek at the designs. Following which, NFT holders will have access to an exclusive VIP event featuring the artist himself.

1652368816 Irfan Onurmen Demonstrates his Power in the NFT Arena with NFTulle Collection2

More Pioneering NFTs on the Road Ahead

Heading off into the future, NFT holders will have the unique opportunity to join a virtual ‘ask me anything’ event with Irfan Önürmen. Wherein, collectors can rub shoulders with the esteemed artist, providing insight into his creative process.

Later in the year, holders of the NFT: Origins NFT will receive an airdrop of NFTulle: Noir, the next instalment of the project, with an additional 850 items arriving via public sale. Once completed, owners of 1 x Origin and 2 x Noir NFTs will have the capacity to combine their artworks and receive one ‘NFTulle: Legends’ in return. Holders will then qualify for further airdrops, plus voting rights relating to future projects. All in addition to a signed physical copy of the NFT: Legends original design.

So, a lot to unpack, the clock is ticking, and the collection arrives imminently!

Find out more, and mint at the official website >> Here

Check out some of the designs >> Here


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