Iran aims at becoming a world leader in artificial intelligence

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According to the national artificial intelligence strategy document, Iran will be among the top ten countries in AI by 2032. It came according to Shahram Moein, head of the AI Innovation and Development Center at the Information and Research Institute.

The Information and Communication Technology Research Institute began researching the national artificial intelligence development roadmap a year ago. Moreover, it is expected to be finished by the end of November 2021.

“The strategic papers of 23 countries in the field of artificial intelligence were examined to produce this document, such that sectors such as the environment, health, transportation, online education, energy, robotics, industry, agriculture, and security development are among the topics for AI.”

“Among the targets of this document are 80 percent of research to satisfy the demands of the country, 45 percent of artificial intelligence in industries, an investment of $ 8 billion in AI, and a 12 percent share of AI in GDP,” he stated.

He stated that this document has 14 macro policies, among which are supporting AI products, creating the groundwork for the growth of this technology. As well as strengthening firms operating in this field, and employing artificial intelligence to address super issues.

Iran’s advancements in artificial intelligence

According to the Nature Index 2021, Iran ranks 13th among the most advanced countries in AI based on all publications. The University of Granada’s SCImago ranking database ranks countries and universities based on the amount of scholarly papers from higher education institutions registered in the Scopus database. This ranking combines three indicators: research, innovation, and society.

Artificial intelligence is a subcategory of computer science in the 2020 version of SCImago. As such, Iran ranks 15th in the world and first in West Asia.

Similarly, Iran ranks 36th in the world and third in West Asia in cognitive science. Which is a branch of psychology and one of the sciences relevant to artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, Iran ranks 15th in the world and first in West Asia in electrical and electronic engineering. Hence, it incorporates a fraction of artificial intelligence.


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