IQ Protocol Joins with Battle Saga to Launch Lending Mechanism

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NFT lending specialist, IQ Protocol, has announced an excellent new partnership with real time strategy (RTS) blockchain game, Battle Saga. This mighty collaboration means that players can rent out their valuable assets completely risk free.

IQ Protocol is setting about its core mission of unlocking the inert value in unused gaming NFTs, thereby providing users with the opportunity to rent out their treasured assets via a secure and trusted platform, while also lowering the onboarding costs for new gamers and allowing them to partake at a fraction of the cost.

Utilizing its revolutionary new lending tech, IQ Protocol will wrap the NFTs in its game changing secure smart contract which in turn allows new gamers to rent items with no up-front collateral. Therefore, users can set up rental agreements for all in-game NFTs, such as characters, skins, weapons and items. All this results in a best-case scenario where everyone involved operates in a secure, trustless environment.

IQ Protocol Welcomes Battle Saga!

We’re excited to announce a partnership with @battlesagaio, a blockchain based real-time strategy (RTS) game, and how #IQProtocol will revolutionize the user experience & unlock a new economy for players.



— IQ Protocol | #NFT Rental Marketplace Launching Q1 (@IQLabs_official) February 10, 2022

Battle Saga is a brand new play-to-earn RTS, the first game to bring the blockchain mechanic to the genre. Gamers can therefore earn valuable rewards for operating within the ecosystem while also partaking in its governance via the platform DAO.

As the play-to-earn sphere steams ahead, so to does the evolution of the utility on which it is based.


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