InvestDEFY brings DeFi metaverse index investing

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InvestDEFY, a complex structured products company that simplifies crypto-currency investing, has introduced two indices today; Equal Weighted Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Equal Weighted Metaverse and Web 3.0 NFT.

InvestDEFY also unveiled its custom-designed Digital Asset Trading Automation (D.A.T.A.) technology, which serves as the indices’ backbone. This platform enables InvestDEFY to develop swiftly from index concept to full product launch in a matter of weeks.

The DeFi Equal Weight Index mimics the top ten smart contract-based blockchains that power DeFi as well as the top ten blockchain-powered DeFi projects. The index was launched to a small group of investors on July 9, 2021. Since then, it had returned 88.5 percent as of December 31, 2021, compared to 72.7 percent for Ethereum over the same period.

Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT Index

The Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT Index mimics the top ten Metaverse initiatives. As well as the top ten Web 3.0 and NFT platforms that underpin digital asset ownership.

Both indexes are completely investable and use an industry-first indexing mechanism to give unique passive exposure. Investors obtain equal weighted exposure to the firms developing the underlying technology. As well as the companies developing the DeFi or Metaverse initiatives. Investors benefit from more diversified exposure as well, with each index containing twenty tokens or names, as compared to highly concentrated market cap indices.

“After more than 25 years in capital markets and more than $100 billion in trading experience at risk, I saw an opportunity to leverage our team’s elite expertise in TradFi, Crypto, DeFi, quantitative trading, risk management, AI, and regulatory finance to create sophisticated structured products and become the trusted partner of financial institutions, investment banks, and asset managers,” said James Niosi, CEO and Co-Founder of InvestDEFY.

“We created a highly specialized technology platform with the goal of making exceedingly difficult techniques accessible,” he added.


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