Introducing CleverFiles Innovative NFT Software Licenses

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Every now and then, a new use case emerges for NFTs that bucks the trend and offers a new perspective on the technology. The latest groundbreaking non-fungible innovation comes from CleverFiles with their introduction NFT software licenses.

In an experiment that everyone should pay attention to, CleverFiles has introduced a 100 strong PFP collection. Each unit of which represents lifetime access to its flagship ‘Disk Drill’ data recovery software for a flat price of $79 USDC. Once in possession, the item will act just like any other software license, with the added bonus that owners can trade it on at a later date.

The #NFTcollection, called Disk Drill – Essential Data Recovery, will be available for purchase on OpenSea this week! 🎉
A collection of 100 transferable lifetime licenses for the world-famous #datarecovery software – Disk Drill.

— Disk Drill (@Cleverfiles) May 9, 2022

In its current guise, owners must still copy and paste a unique serial number into the product. An outdated mechanism that will no doubt cause problems when owners sell the item on. However, in all likelihood, a more streamlined wallet connecting system will come in due course.

CleverFiles has listed the initial sale in USDC to avoid any gregarious fluctuations in price, while also utilizing the Polygon Network to optimize its transactions. Not only that, but also trading at a 30% discount when compared to its Web2 counterpart. So, no wild speculation, just an honest product at a reasonable price using the latest cutting-edge technology. Fantastic.

Check out the collection on OpenSea >> Here


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