Instagram Adds Flow to its Arsenal as its NFTs Expand Worldwide

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Malevolent god of the social media underworld, Meta, has dialled up its blockchain exploits to lofty new heights, adding the Flow Network to its arsenal as it rolls out the Instagram NFT initiative to over 100 countries worldwide.

Back in May, Instagram debuted its grand NFT endeavour to select users within the USA. Now, as the plan gathers steam, the team has widened its range to include countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Asia and the Americas. However, the functionality will continue to only apply to qualifying members of the Instagram community.

In addition to its wider reach, Instagram has also incorporated the mighty Flow blockchain into proceedings by enabling those interacting with the application to mint Flow NFTs as well as the current Polygon and Ethereum-based assets. Furthermore, Instagram has also added the Flow native HelloDapper wallet and the Coinbase wallet to its armament.

🚨 Dapper x Instagram ​​🚨

We’ve partnered with @instagram to let you show off your NFT collection directly on your profile!

This feature is now live and will be rolled out gradually over the next month.

More information here:

— Dapper (@hellodapper) August 4, 2022

Through its NFT game plan, users can now mint NFTs on any of the three participating blockchains, with the addition of Solana integration rumoured to arrive in the coming months. Those with access can then mint and display their verified NFTs within their Instagram account, wherein, both the original creator and the current owner will receive attribution.

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