Infinite Arcade – The Blockchain Gaming Platform Built Around P2E

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Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming has emerged as one of the most innovative elements of the Web3 experience, meaning the demand for reliable, purpose-built blockchain gaming platforms has become an ever-present search within the community.

This is where blockchain gaming platform Infinite Arcade steps in, a project which is at the forefront of transitioning all mobile games onto the blockchain by providing Web3 gamers with thousands of P2E titles which can be accessed via a single hub. 

For players, an Infinite Arcade ‘Genesis Gamer NFT’ will serve as the access key to the limitless platform, whilst onlooking guilds and game developers can directly consult the platform’s expertise in order to get their P2E journey up and running. 

Genesis Gamer NFTs

As previously stated, Genesis Gamer NFTs are the gateway into the Infinite Arcade ecosystem and all of its integrated titles. With regards to their aesthetic, each NFT sports a funky and vibrant PFP style, which, in isolation, provides a whole host of artistic utility.

Cosmetic appearance is by no means the staple piece of the NFT’s value, as with 16 P2E titles already launched on the platform (with many more to be added in the coming months), a Genesis Gamer NFT offers holders the chance to enjoy a diverse portfolio of games whilst simultaneously earning $TIC (one of the platform’s two native tokens).

The utility doesn’t stop there, as after earning $TIC through Genesis Gamer NFT ownership and further gameplay, users will be able to leverage such tokens to summon new NFTs, buy ad-free subscriptions, or sell for crypto. 


The first two sales of Genesis Gamer NFTs sold out in rapid succession, meaning a whitelist spot for the third and final drop is vital for anyone wanting to join Infinite Arcade’s cutting-edge ecosystem. In joining the whitelist, you will not only be securing yourself pre-sale access to the launch of the remaining 6,666 Genesis Gamer NFTs on May 10th, but you will also be giving yourself a chance to win one. 

In joining the whitelist you will also receive Infinite Arcade news, offers, and exclusive experiences.

Other Functions

Individual gamers are not the only parties to benefit from Infinite Arcade’s services, as the platform is embedded with a powerful tool which helps gaming guilds build and manage their P2E empires with ease.

In addition, the platform’s software development toolkit (SDK) also makes it straightforward for developers to onboard their games into the metaverse, giving every studio and game creator the opportunity to attract new players, increase engagement and drive more revenue. Here, P2E mechanics can be easily added to the games without compromise, whilst also providing the option for players to choose whether to engage with it or not.  


As we dive deeper into Q2 2022, the platform will be launching pre-sales for its $ARC token (its second native token), add new gameplays (such as tournaments, battles, races etc.), add new NFT collections (including earnable NFTs), issue payouts to guilds and managers, host 50 live games, and produce public facing reports. 

Q3 will see the public launch and staking of $ARC, a third Infinite Arcade NFT collection, cosmetic NFTs, upgrades and other features given to NFT holders, and the hosting of 100 live games. 

By the end of the calendar year, Infinite Arcade will host a Land offering, launch a marketplace for third-party NFT collections, and host 200 live games.

The Team

The Infinite Arcade team is made up of a multicultural group of doxxed contributors who come with backgrounds in art, design, community management, product development, strategy, tech, and developer partnerships. As expected, each holds an innate passion for bringing gamers into the Web3 world.

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