Inaugural Collection of Melanated NFT Gallery Feat. Four Pop Culture Icons

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New blockchain technology company Melanated NFT Gallery (MNFTG) is set to release its inaugural NFT collection. The collection is expected to feature ultra rare footage and content from multiple pop culture icons.

MNFTG is a Black and female-owned startup company that aims to spotlight creator equity and empower creators who have historically been exploited. It aims to do so through creating an equitable platform where creators can share and monetize work, whilst ensuring that the full financial compensations and benefits of their work are received.

The upcoming drop will feature items from four pop culture icons: ‘Darkman X-No Words’ – which will feature five unreleased DMX songs, as well as unreleased footage and art of the late hip-hop legend. A portion of the proceeds going to his family. ‘Miles Davis- Synesthesia’ – a three-part series created by Davis’s cousin. The series incorporates visual and audio elements to utilise a photograph of Davis sitting on the roof of the Chateau Marmont in the 1970’s.

‘My Time With Prince’- a compilation of audio, video and unlockable content highlighting the early days behind the velvet rope with Prince and the Revolution. And finally, ‘CollabCrib: The Collab Times’- the release of limited-edition trading cards and avatars from Black entrepreneur, Keith Dorsey.

The startup, which has gained the backing of marketing executive and New York Times bestselling author Nea Simone, also announced its plans to release future NFTs from emerging and established MNFTG clients. Such NFT releases will feature work from the likes of influencer Mr. Organik, photographer Roger Erickson, and sculptor Duron Jackson.

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