ICICB is upgrading to the metaverse through virtual reality

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ICICB Group’s Cosmos, a Metaverse framework, will upgrade to a virtual reality ecosystem.

As global awareness of the emerging Metaverse grows, the group is in a good position

With the launch of the ICICB Chain, the backbone of the ICICB Metaverse, also known as Cosmos, ICICB Group is in a good position to capitalize on this momentum. And contribute to the evolution of the space as a whole.

Cosmos takes players on a never-before-seen voyage through time. With distinct epochs representing ancient, current, and future human life. Each with its own set of nonfungible tokens and artifacts that will keep players enthralled while also collecting real-world value.


ICICB Metaverse will become an expert time traveler

Each user in the ICICB Metaverse will become an excellent time traveler. Teleporting from the stone age to the future on a whim and experiencing the vast array of human life experiences.

Extra safeguards have been put in place to prevent the timeline from being destroyed. As items from the past can be carried forward into the future. However artifacts from the future cannot travel backward in time for fear of causing a universe-ending paradox.

Additionally Cosmos is on track to become the greatest virtual ecosystem in existence throughout time and space, with each epoch of time featuring an expansive virtual environment that dwarfs the virtual worlds seen on The Sandbox or Decentraland.

The group has specifically crafted its Atari 3D blockchain casino

The group has specifically built its Atari 3D blockchain casino for users who wish to focus on our current moment to explore what the world has to offer. It gives explores with an interactive gaming playground where they can earn money and place bets through a number of popular games and contests.

The new ARES by ICICB MMORPG, which utilizes blockchain technology to permit owners of game assets to own tem in the real world and sell them on ICICB NFT, is the perfect game for first-person shooter fans.

Source: https://metanews.com/icicb-is-upgrading-to-the-metaverse-through-virtual-reality/

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