HTC unveils partnership with Immersive Tech to advance its VR tech

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Immersive Tech recently announced a long-term development deal with HTC Corporation. The VIVE VR headset division, a prominent provider of virtual reality (VR) technologies, will help develop Immersive Tech’s hyper-immersive VR technologies.

Immersive Tech creates tailored experiences for brands by integrating theme park engineering. As well as video game production to produce location-based VR (LBE) attractions and entertainment. “UNCONTAINED,” the company’s flagship offering, is a hyper-immersive multiplayer VR experience.

The development relationship with HTC, according to Immersive Tech, will see the company expand its offering. Especially around HTC’s VIVE Pro 2 headset with wireless adapter capabilities. As well as the new VIVE Focus 3 and Flow standalone headset and tracking platforms. Which is including the recently announced VIVE wrist trackers.

Engaging, hyper-immersive user experiences.

“We are really glad to collaborate with HTC and VIVE, including access to their senior technical team,”. “To develop even more engaging and hyper-immersive user experiences,” stated Fantasy 360 CEO Tim Bieber. “We continue to develop the state of the art in VR experiences with our UNCONTAINED platform and technology,”. “And providing the most robust, immersive, and memorable experiences in the industry.”

“We are really happy with our collaboration with Fantasy 360,” said Alvin Graylin, president of HTC China. Moreover, “since joining their board, I’ve been amazed by their level of excitement and drive to delivering their clients with unique and remarkable hyperimmersive experiences. I feel that the development projects will enable an intriguing and deeper level of innovation to advance their products and solutions in such a dynamic and evolving business.”

Fantasy 360 Technologies’ experienced team includes CEO Tim Bieber (BroadbandTV, CBS Interactive), Director of Franchise Development Steven Dooner (The VOID, Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios Japan), Kevin Williams (Walt Disney Imagineering, Spider Entertainment), Dan Burgar (VRAR President, Shape Immersive), Lance Priebe (co-founder of Club Penguin, Disney Interactive). As well as its board of directors, which includes Alvin Wang Graylin (President of Disney Interactive).


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