HTC Plans to Create its Own Metaverse Dubbed Viverse

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Since its relative demise throughout the past few years, former smartphone powerhouse HTC is seeking to develop its services in other areas of emerging technologies. With the metaverse and NFTs at its core, these services also include virtual reality, augmented reality, and 5G. 

HTC’s multi-faceted plans were unveiled last month at the Mobile World Congress 2022, when the company proposed the launch of its very own metaverse ecosystem, ‘Viverse’ (which is a play on its VR brand, ‘Vive,’ and ‘Verse,’ which symbolises the chapters of life).

HTC stated that the new metaverse would offer its users an array of different Vive-inspired avenues of engagement, such as WebXR-enabled consumer services for building their own virtual world, a Viveport for VR games, a Vive Bytes NFT marketplace, Vive Connect as a cross-platform service to the metaverse, and Beatday, which functions as a holographic music platform.

A spokesperson of the company has since described what the new ecosystem embodies: “Viverse, is our version of the metaverse; an immersive, boundless universe of fantastic new experiences, and a seamless gateway to other universes in collaboration with our partners.VIVERSE enables us to create many great memories, and encourages us to truly cherish our lives”.

The company also wishes to introduce virtual realms for arts enthusiasts, such as a visual art gallery called Vive Arts, and VR Originals and VR Chat for film productions. 

To leverage all the initiatives, HTC plan to launch Vive Business, which will act as a launchpad for all Viverse-related business ventures.

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