How did you find out about the NFT space, and what attracted you to create your own NFTs?

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Welcome to CryptoArt Sundays! This week we are SO excited to be featuring a phenomenal illustrator and extremely talented artist. Meet VISBII, part of the socially conscious NFT project The Humanians and master of exaggerated characters, abstract compositions, and organic textures.

It’s no surprise VISBII’s client list spans from the Wall Street Journal to Women’s Wear Daily. Her refreshing style of art draws you right in. There is something exciting, bubbly, and quirky in the way she blends colors and portrays larger than life characters through her illustrations.

For aspiring creatives, we also highly recommend to check our VISBII’s website and blog where she shares some really useful tips on how to move past creative blocks, manage being a freelance illustrator, and more.

Now let’s dive in and find out more about VISBII’s NFT art journey, The Humanians project, and her breathtaking illustrations!

How did you find out about the NFT space, and what attracted you to create your own NFTs?

I actually didn’t know too much about NFTs apart from a few of my artist friends launching their own collections. When Odd One Out Labs approached me about their idea though, I couldn’t say no. I immediately fell in love with the concept, the team, and the giving back aspect of it all. It’s been such an incredible learning experience so far and it’s been so interesting to see how blockchain and web3 is applicable to all of our lives.

1656250814 visbii

What is your creative process?

My process always starts with ideas in a notebook. For this project in particular, since we added an insane amount of traits, the team and I filled about ten notebook pages with random ideas to pull from before rough sketching. Once we had an idea of how the Humanians could look, I went straight to Photoshop and we created three main characters, gave them unique personalities, picked out traits, and I basically didn’t leave my studio for the next three months.

1656250820 visbii1

You recently launched a very successful NFT project The Humanians, can you tell us more about it and the inspiration behind it. 

The inspiration was to bring a sense of humanity to the NFT space via a socially conscious collection bridging art and utility, while bringing awareness to the growing mental health issue in our society today.

The world of Humania was conceived to be an active force in both assisting and bringing awareness to the lack of human diversity and the unrealistic self image expectations perpetuated by modern and social media.

1656250826 visb3

The media and entertainment industry has portrayed unrealistic goals and opinions of what it means to be beautiful and acceptable. With The Humanians’ simple agenda of an, “inclusive celebration of humanity”, we highlight the awesomeness of all people helping to end prejudice, alienation and insecurities. The Humanians’ celebrate anybody and everybody, everywhere – all judgement aside.

1656250834 visbi4

What’s next for the project and how has your experience been with building a community around it? 

For now we are heavily into planning the staking marketplace launch which will be end of June 2022. As for art I am also planning a PFP collection which we will be releasing in the next couple of months.

 My experience with the community has been incredibly uplifting! The founders, and myself, have been on weekly AMAs with our members, I love jumping into the Discord group to see what everyone is up to, and we also have a mental health therapist, Ouma, who is extremely active in the group! It’s an amazing community!

1656250841 visb2

Are there any CryptoArtists you would love to collaborate with?

I have a few favorites for sure. I’m a huge fan of Deekay Motion and his Let’s Walk collection. WD Willy of Karafuru is also a master of his craft and I’ve always really liked the World of Women collection.

1656250850 visbi5

What are you currently working on?

I’ve got my hands in several upcoming projects currently (that I can’t reveal just yet) and we’re working very hard behind the scenes on what’s next for The Humanians!

1656250855 visbi6


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