‘Homa Games x Sorare Jam’ to Boost Utility of Football NFTs

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Homa Games is launching the fourth edition of the HOMAJAM series, Homa Games x Sorare Jam. The Jam is an initiative dedicated to increasing the utility of Sorare’s NFT Football Legend Cards, where both novice and experienced game creators are welcomed to submit prototypes of entertaining mobile games which use the NFTs as playable characters.

Participant registration is open on Homa Game’s website until the Jam’s opening ceremony on February 4th. Once the ceremony has ended, participants will have until March 4th to develop and submit their prototypes.

Throughout the month of development, Homa Games will be providing constant support to participants to help them develop and leverage their ideas. The mobile gaming platform will also be hosting a masterclass from mobile and blockchain industry experts for participants to sink their teeth into.

Homa Games and Sorare will select the winner of the Jam, who will be awarded with an illustrious ‘Grand Prix’ prize featuring all important access to publishing opportunities with Homa Games, as well as a pack of Sorare Fantasy Football Cards valued at over $7000.

In addition to the apex prize, three Sorare Fantasy Football Card packs valued at $1500 will be awarded to the developers who present the best CPI (cost per install for mobile), playtime, and retention metrics in their prototypes. There will also be merchandise prizes for prototypes awarded ‘Homa Games Favourite’, ‘Jammer’s Favourite’, and ‘Most Active and Helpful’, as well as a special gift for each subscriber.

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