Holiday Gift Guide for the New NFT Enthusiasts on Your List

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Picking the perfect holidy gift isn’t always the easiest of tasks — especially when the country is currently experiencing notable supply-chain issues. So why not look to the blockchain instead, especially for the new NFT enthusiasts in your life?

We all probably have a few friends and family members who are just beginning to dive into the NFT space or simply want to start getting into it, but aren’t sure where to begin. Well, consider us Jolly Old Saint NickFT, because we’ve put together a gift guide that’ll give you ideas on how to get your loved ones started filling up their wallets with digital collectibles. (Or hey, maybe you’re the one who needs a little hand holding in the metaverse? Share this as a wishlist with your NFT purist friends!)

Coupon for an NFT Lesson

Cost: $0

Give the gift of knowledge by offering a redeemable coupon for predetermined block of time during which you regale your loved one with your NFT knowledge. Feeling generous? Maybe you’ll do a series of hourlong lessons over a month. More limited on time? Perhaps a quick one-hour walkthrough, with a list of reliable resources (such as!) for their reference.

Before you start crafting the sessions, consider our NFT 101 guide. It’s got everything from an explainer on NFTs, to tips on how to buy non-fungibles, and more. Use it as an outline for your lessons, or better yet, use it as the “textbook.”

Set Up Their First Wallet

There are now more MetaMask users than there ever will be Bitcoin 🦊

Thank you for trusting us to help you access and navigate Web3.

This is only the beginning.

— MetaMask (@MetaMask) November 17, 2021

Cost: $0

It’s no secret that there are barriers to getting started in NFTs, and one of them is technology itself. So do your pal a solid and get them started by helping them find the right crypto wallet to be their first: Set it up for them, then explain how to use it.

Need an idea on where to get started? We recommend our guide on how to set up a MetaMask wallet, one of the most popular software wallets on the market.

Fund Their Wallet

Cost: At your discretion

Gift cards are so passé. Give the gift of coin — crypto coins! Just because a new NFT enthusiast has a wallet set up doesn’t mean that they necessarily know how to add funds to it. Not only can you teach them how to buy some ETH (or Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Solana or whatever your giftee pleases), you can truly shower them with holiday spirit by gifting some cryptocurrency to their wallet.

Coinbase, Gemini and Robinhood are just a few exchanges where you can by cryptocurrency.

Art Them Up

Cost: At your discretion

Being new to the NFT space, your friend or family member may not even know where to look to find NFT projects they might want to mint. You — being a good friend/relative — probably know them well enough to have a good understanding of their likes. So why not scroll through OpenSea, SuperRare or whichever marketplace you prefer and mint a project that’s a great fit for your loved one’s interests? Print out the NFT, wrap it up, then on gift-giving day, low-key transfer it to their wallet as they unwrap. Voila!

If you need some ideas on great projects to potentially gift, check out our weekly column Sailing the OpenSea. Each Friday, we round up some of the innovative drops available on the popular marketplace.

Digital Frames

All about the angles 📐

— Infinite Objects (@infiniteobjects) September 22, 2021

Cost: 0.018 ETH ($79) and above

If the new NFT enthusiast on your list has a few digital collectibles they’d like to put on display so they’re not just padding out a wallet, a digital frame is a great option. Here are two ideas:

Infinite Objects

These frames allow you to upload one digital video file (aka NFT) and edit it with the site’s built-in tool. Infinite Objects then prints and frames your file, and ships it to you. You might need to get a little creative to get your hands on your loved one’s NFTs to upload, or you can just get them a gift card and let them handle it. Prices for the frames start at 0.018 ETH ($79).

Netgear Meural Smart Wi-Fi Frame

This 15.6″ HD display lets users upload photos and/or crypto art. It also comes with an app that allows for easy set up, creating art “playlists” and more. For those newer to NFTs who may not have a huge collection to display yet, there is the option to add Meural’s art membership, which includes more than 30,000 images to display in the frame. The frame itself is 0.06 ETH ($299.95), while the art membership is an additional 0.002 ETH ($8.95) a month, or 0.015 ETH ($69.95) a year.

Snow Crash

The original of the term #Metaverse.

“In the lingo, this imaginary place is known as the Metaverse. Hiro spends a lot of time in the Metaverse. It beats the shit out of the U-Stor-It.”

Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

— Ledgerdary.crypto 🇨🇦 (@CryptonickBTC) November 21, 2021

Cost: 0.001 – 0.003 ETH ($4.99 – $14.99)

With Facebook’s parent company rebranding itself as Meta — as in “metaverse” — this is the perfect time for those who are wanting to understand the crypto space to read Neal Stephenson’s celebrated 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash. In the tale, people jack into a shared virtual space called the Metaverse — a term coined by the author in this book — where they are represented by avatars. The story follows Hiro Protagonist, a hacker and pizza delivery guy in reality, and a badass samurai in the Metaverse who finds himself inadvertently delivering a digital virus named Snow Crash that causes brain damage in real life.

If you’re looking for a second book about the digital future to wrap up, consider William Gibson’s 1984 novel Neuromancer. It’s one of the best and most well-known pieces of literature in the cyberpunk genre.

Both novels are available via paperback and e-book.

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