Hit Sitcom Ghosts Takes its Spooky Show to Decentraland

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For those with a taste for the spooky, CBS’ hit sitcom, Ghosts, has arrived to haunt the darkest corners of Decentraland. Within its pixels, it is faithfully reconstructing the famous Woodstone Mansion for a host of supernatural fun and games.

Beginning at midnight UTC on July 29, fans can enjoy a weekend of interactive revelry, from exploring the sinister location, to completing puzzles and undertaking quests. All with the bonus of NFT goodies galore awaiting those with the courage to enter the sinister edifice. However, there is a small proviso, in that those taking part must first set up their own ghostswallet beforehand.

Did you meet the Ghosts yet? https://t.co/yTkggIuCR4pic.twitter.com/lIgkOWQtRg

— Decentraland (@decentraland) July 27, 2022

This new Decentraland-based experience comes in as a collaboration between Polygon, Web3 marketing outfit, Creative Departmint and metaverse specialist, TerraZero, all coming together to make this ethereal realm a reality and give fans something to do between seasons.

Through their collective efforts, they have recreated the Woodstone Mansion following its original blueprints, while additionally recruiting stars of the show to help provide voices and crucial design input, resulting in a spectacular Decentraland experience for fans of the hit sitcom, Ghosts.

Jump into the Woodstone Mansion >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/hit-sitcom-ghosts-decentraland/

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