Help a Fellow Human Through the RedKite Humanity Art Project

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As we fortunate souls continue about our daily lives, a humanitarian crisis looms like a dark and foreboding cloud. Many good natured and peaceful folks are seeing their lives cast into disarray as wilful and wanton barbarians turn worlds upside down, leaving refugees scattered far and wide as they summon an incredible spirit of resilience to endure these difficult times.

So, as trouble continues to perpetuate for people around the world, ‘Humanity’ has stepped in to lend a hand, all with an aim to make the world a slightly brighter place for those whose lives have been disrupted by the cruel machinations of war, famine, and natural disasters.

To honour these commendable folks, RedKite has teamed up with creative studio ‘Ourtypes’ and curated NFT drop platform ‘DropHook’ to help stem the tide of dismay through the laudable medium of fine art by applying compassion directly to the canvas, and lighting a beacon to counteract the spreading darkness. A group show will therefore take place, featuring the rising stars of contemporary art to raise awareness to the plight of Europe’s latest contingent of refugees.

A Worthy Collection of Fine Art NFTs

To back up its highly commendable enterprise, Humanity has assembled 33 of the finest artists on the contemporary circuit, producing between them, 32 unique designs launched in a series of eight editions each. Prices range from 0.1 to 0.25 in WETH, and the NFTs are on the lightweight and eco-friendly Polygon Network. A total of 256 NFTs will be released over a 16-day period that started on May 31.

Artists lending their considerable talents to this worthy enterprise include, Carne Griffiths, Dave Buonaguidi, Lucie Bennet, Mr Cenz, Pure Evil and many more, all contributing to an eclectic collection of vibrant artworks of the highest calibre. Each artwork is centered around the sensitive theme of war and displacement, as the creators express from their hearts what the humanitarian crisis means to them.

Take part in the drop >> Here

Transparent Donations

Following the initial sale, RedKite will donate 25% directly to the charities involved, while retaining 5% to cover platform costs. The remaining 70% will be passed onto the artists, who will then donate at least 35% towards the worthy causes, with an option to donate more should they choose to do so.

RedKite has earmarked three notable charities to be the recipient of the funds. Therefore, benefitting the Refugee Council, UNICEF and The Voices of Children Foundation, all focused on helping those affected by the ravages of conflict, and increasing their quality of existence. Furthermore, on completion, RedKite will release full details of all the money distributed.

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Further Donations and Free NFTs

Adding a little versatility to the charitable proceedings, RedKite has enabled direct donations to the cause. As a result, kind benefactors can pledge their support on the Polygon network using $WETH, $MATIC or $USDC. Following which, the grateful team will airdrop a free NFT to all participating wallets as a memento of their generous gift. All the while, RedKite will split 100% of the raised funds evenly between all three charities.

At the end of the day, small acts of kindness leave a lingering impression, taking the edge off that bitter pill and leaving a residue of hope behind. So, take a moment to consider those caught in the crossfire, and perhaps lend them a helping hand. In art there is Humanity.

Learn more >> Here

Take a look at the drop and donate (hand/heart icon) >> Here


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