Harper Dennis Hobbs is launching a retail metaverse consulting firm

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Harper Dennis Hobbs (HDH) has revealed aspirations to become the UK’s first strategic retail consultant to assist retailers in entering the virtual world of the internet. HDH will start a new retail section focused on how shops may succeed in Web 3.0.

Retailers will receive advise from its specialists on the optimal platform for their products and strategies. As well as the design and functioning of their virtual stores.

The metaverse is gaining popularity as more and more prominent businesses are shifting their business models into it.

Decentraland, a virtual destination for digital assets, and The Sandbox, a virtual metaverse where users may develop, control, and monetize their own experiences, are among the “worlds” now operational, according to the business.

HDH’s retail skills and understanding, according to CEO James Ebel, can help companies make the proper metaverse investments; “The pandemic has influenced retailers to embrace change and try new approaches to boost sales and brand awareness. As a result, many more retailers are considering establishing a metaverse presence, and there are even ‘early adopters.’”

“Harper Dennis Hobbs wants to assist merchants in embracing the correct place in the metaverse, understanding what will resonate with customers and attract them in,”. Thus, “to guarantee that consumers engage with their brand in the virtual world,” he continues.

“This, like websites and social media before it, is a totally new channel for merchants,”. “It’s apparent that they want to discover methods to monetize the metaverse and ensure continuing company development in an increasingly online world.”

While still in its early stages, the metaverse is gaining traction as more and more major brands embrace it. That was the case with Facebook, which rebranded as Meta last year. Meanwhile, Ralph Lauren announced its desire to sell things on Web 3.0 and H&M already has a virtual store.

Source: https://metanews.com/harper-dennis-hobbs-is-launching-a-retail-metaverse-consulting-firm/

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