Hacash Diamond Brings Proof of Work NFTs Into the Fold

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As the non-fungible token drifted into consciousness, it was the Ethereum-dwelling NFTs that gained traction. Relying on a centralized team of designers and developers, along with a first-come first-serve style minting process, it all resulted in an unpredictable and highly volatile market, where value fluctuates heavily at the whim of a community.

Steadily rising in the background however, an entirely different kind of NFT has emerged from the shadows. An asset with unparalleled fair distribution and infinitely more reliable store of value. The altogether minable Proof of Work (PoW) NFT that relies on mathematical dependencies to circulate the blockchain.

Regarded by many as more reliable than its popular counterparts, PoW NFTs benefit hugely from a more secure protocol, while also enabling to mint through mining, taking the power away from the bots, and putting it back in the hands of the investor. One major PoW collection shaking up the non-fungible realm, Hacash Diamond, offers an alternative long-term investment with a true calculable value.

Hacash Diamond Proof of Work NFT

Hacash Diamond first arrived on the scene on May 16 2019, the result of an anonymous whitepaper, which then blossomed into the NFT project it is today. Unlike its mainstream counterparts, Hacash Diamond follow the Bitcoin model of creation. As a result, a set of increasingly difficult mathematical problems determines the next Diamond on the blockchain. Following which, interested parties must bid in $HAC to acquire the newly formed asset.

Each Diamond exists via the Hacash Network, composed of nine different shapes, 16 variances of colour and 16 letters, making it both the first entirely PoW collection in existence, as well as the first composed of a letter string. In total, a potential 16,777,216 Diamond combinations are available. However, based on current calculations, it will take 800 years to mint every single one.

As with Bitcoin, each NFT requires both processing power and energy to generate, while the calculations become progressively more difficult. All without founder and investor manipulation of the pricing structure. Unlike Bitcoin however, Hacash Diamond calculations will exponentially increase in complexity. Therefore, eventually surpassing Bitcoin in the difficulty of its mathematical requirement.

We’ve written a Hacash Diamond Collection Guide for all #HACD collectors. #pownft#nftcollectors#NFTshttps://t.co/IH5VW4ruDK

— Hacash.Diamonds (@HacashDiamond) February 23, 2022

Hacash.Diamond Management Suite

To make the Hacash Diamond more accessible, avid collector, Ken You, has built an impressive management suite to support the project. Thereby, providing investors with the tools required to interact with the Diamonds and maintain their assets.

Through Hacash.Diamond, users can find a set of professional collecting and trading services which allow owners to view items, search through the collection and peruse the latest secondary market. All in addition to providing guarantee services throughout a number of high-profile NFT sales platforms.

Head to Hacash Diamond >> Here

Learn more about the Diamonds >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/hacash-diamond-proof-of-work-nfts/

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