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Guild of Guardians is attempting to redefine Web3 gaming with its Esports Exclusives digital collectible sale, which will take place at 6pm EST on February 8. The sale is a celebration of an earlier partnership with eight top esports teams, including, NAVI, NRG, TI, Cloud9, Fnatic, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and SK Gaming.

According to a tweet from the official Twitter account, the sale represents a “historic first where the eSports teams will be repped by playable characters in game that players can truly own.” Eight legendary eSports heroes will represent each eSports team, with each hero going for about $99 in ETH.

The sale will take place on Immutable X, meaning participants will not have to pay exorbitant gas fees to access their favorite hero collectibles. Therefore, if interested, users must top up their Immutable X account with ETH.

That said, the one-time primary sale sale will last for a week, after which the offer will not exist again. However, interested parties can still buy and trade the heroes on secondary markets such as Immutable X, Rarible, Token Trove, and

What Is Required To Be Part of Guild Of Guardians Allowlist?

Before the public sale starts, Guild of Guardians will open an allowlist where a select group of buyers will have a 24-hour head start to mint a mythic hero. To have a chance of getting on the list, participants need to be either “an existing GOG NFT holder or have completed all missions as part of the community challenge.”

The GOG team notes that there will be plenty of prizes and rewards for those that participate in community quests. By participating in these quests, gamers can expect to win a signed eSports jersey from a given team, with over 140 jerseys up for grabs.

Other perks of owning an eSports hero include access to in-game and out-of-game rewards, being included in exclusive leadboards, access to NFT airdrops, and many others.

More details on the exclusive sale and the likely perks of participating in various quests will be released soon.

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