Gucci and Superplastic Team Up to Launch ‘SuperGucci’ NFT Collection

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World-renowned Italian fashion label Gucci, has partnered with digital character brand Superplastic, to launch a ‘SuperGucci’ NFT collection. The collection combines classic Gucci motifs and designs with Superplastic favourites, Janky and Guggimon, two characters who have already made serious headway in the NFT space.

The collection includes 250 distinctive NFTs, all designed by Gucci’s Head of Design, Alessandro Michele. Fans will have three separate opportunities to mint the NFTs from the collection, with the first being on February 1st when 10 NFTs will be released.

In accordance with the fashion brand’s philosophy of welcoming new technologies without abandoning older ones, each initial digital collectible from the collection will come with an exclusive ceramic sculpture which has been handcrafted by Italian ceramicists.

Janky and Guggimon, the pair of ambiguously-gendered rodents who are the centre pieces of the collection, are hoping that the launch can replicate the successes of their previous NFT enterprises, such as the 9,240-itemed ‘Janky Heist’ collection. The synthetic pair of mischievous TikTok influencers have collectively racked up over $3.5 million in NFT-related sales, making them the flagship characters of the Superplastic brand.

Janky and Guggimon are not alone in their familiarity with the NFT space, as Gucci also released an NFT film entitled ‘Aria,’  which was auctioned at Christie’s auction house in June. The fashion giant has also been making other NFT-related plans, with a partnership with fashion NFT marketplace Neuno to make 3D in-game clothing reportedly in the pipeline.

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