Grab an NFT beer with Bottup!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article. No content or article should be considered as financial advice. We strongly recommend you to conduct due diligence and always do your own research before investing in a project.

Who is behind is a Singapore-based startup established in April 2021 that pairs the possibilities offered by Non-fungible Tokens with the team’s knowledge of craft beer. Bottup was founded by three beer-loving friends who aim to disrupt the alcoholic beverage industry :

  • Mario Nube: The brew master. He’s currently a critic and an advisor for local alcoholic beverage productions.
  • Andy Velsk: The artist and creative lead. Andy has over 12 years of  animation experience under his belt with expertise in games, comics, and art direction.
  • Lawrence Lin: Lawrence has been driving digital innovation and revenue growth for the past 15 years. He has 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, having founded a SEA-licensed exchange as well as an industry-leading crypto finance platform.

 This passionate team is working together to create a beer enhanced with the taste of caramel, dark chocolate and coffee. Bottup wants to create a new brand, built for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, without intermediary to reduce the sometimes excessive costs of the usual distribution system. 

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More than a simple beer


With this new brand, the Bottup team wants to make full use of the potential offered by web3 to create an innovative experience for its consumers. First of all, the team has been brewing up special craft beer recipes that come with their own intriguing metaverse characters and stories, starting with this first beer line Bottup Dunkel. 

It is our desire to produce fine craft beer brews and share them globally through NFT and e-commerce distribution, free of the expensive supply chains and distribution networks that multinational alcohol companies take centralized control over”,’s team

The team is also developing BOTTUP Protocol, a Web 3.0 DeFi ecosystem initiative for all stakeholders in the alcoholic beverage network. These include :

  • The producers (microbreweries or distillers)
  • The distributors (supply chain channels and logistics)
  • The retailers (online websites or bars)
  • The consumers (influencers or fans of the micro producer products)

Through the utility token BOTTUP, Bottup can entice all the stakeholders on the network by providing relevant and rewarding use cases, such as NFT Auction and Staking capabilities.

The Bottup Dunkel NFT


Bottup’s NFTs will have several uses. First of all, the fact that you can have the beer sent to your home to enjoy it, anywhere in the world. But also, each NFT has a character that can be used in several ways.

In the future, there will be more use cases that will be added but these have not yet been announced. But let’s focus on the existing, what are the NFTs already available?

On February 14th, the project is listing a limited number of Bottup Dunkel NFTs on marketplace for sale, including very few rare “legendary” NFTs, as part of a special pre-sale event in preparation for the open public order for Bottup Dunkel beer. The Bottup NFT collection is available through this link.

Then, it is important to know that the goblins present on the bottles can be used later in the metaverses. The tokenomics to understand how these monsters can be used to generate $BOTTUP will be raised soon, but the concept of “drink to earn” (virtually) is evoked! 

Participate in the presale!

In order to better understand the future use cases of Bottup and how the concept of eating or drinking in the metaverse will evolve, we invite you to Visit their official website at and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay sober for all the latest updates.


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