Grab 10x the profit, Take part in the KAKA Rabbit auction

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Just now·3 min read

We are pleased to announce that the KAKA Rabbit voting round has ended. A large number of community users actively participated in the voting. All KAKA Rabbits have received a total of about 3.76 million votes combined. Now, KAKA Rabbit has entered the auction stage. This article will take a look at “KAKA Rabbit 2001”, which has the highest number of votes at 2.47 million, as an example, and analyze how you will become rich by participating in the auction.

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The Token Mint in the above figure refers to the number of minted UARTs calculated by the smart contract, based on the number of votes cast by users for this work, and after users voted on KAKA Rabbit 2001. As can be seen from the figure, 38026.3 $UART was minted into KAKA Rabbit 2001.

For users, the biggest motivation to participate in the “KAKA Rabbit 2001” auction comes from the outstanding financial attributes of “KAKA Rabbit 2001”:

(1) The minted 38026.3 $UART can be withdrawn directly after owning KAKA Rabbit 2001, whose value is about 3802.6 $USDT. The starting price of the Rabbit is set at 0.13 $wETH — about 399 $USDT. If you are lucky enough to bid this Rabbit at a price of 0.13 $wETH, you will directly get nearly 38026/399, which is about 10 times the profit.

(2) KAKA Rabbit holders will enjoy the following benefits:

a. Occasionally receive Mystery Box airdrops
b. The ability to stake KAKA Rabbit and earn $KAKA from the KAKA official website
c. Get various priority rights for certain events
d. Accumulate more privileges and benefits over time that can be found on the KAKA official website

If you are a collector who can recognize the artistic value of this KAKA Rabbit NFT, then its appeal should be greater than that of ordinary works of art. This stems from the fact that ordinary art belongs to the low-frequency trading category, and that this NFT has a higher liquidity; this is because the liquidity of the UART will pass to the NFT. Anyone who takes over the NFT can easily understand that even if no one in the world appreciates the work, the “piggy bank” in the NFT can be enough to attract investors.

Of course, there are other excellent KAKA Rabbit works that are also being auctioned, and their value is based on the aforementioned principles.

Did this article convey the concept in a clear and concise manner? If you obtained an understanding of the opportunities involved, click on the link to start your journey to riches:

About KAKA NFT World

KAKA NFT WORLD is a competitive gaming ecosystem platform focusing on the metaverse blockchain gaming sector. It is committed to combining the application of NFT+DEFI in the ecosystem, constructing a cross-chain bridge based on the concept of global decentralization, integrating various IPs of global brands, and creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). It aims to create a prediction agreement parallel to the e-sports prediction market, as well as an open, transparent, decentralized, and complete project for the ecosystem. The main sectors are divided into the two following categories: providing services such as R&D, sales, trading, circulation, e-sports, and trendy games for game and art NFTs; focusing on the prediction market in the field of e-sports (Prediction Market).

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UniArts is an Exhibition and IDO platform for NFTs with value discovery as its core feature. It also provides Art-Fi features that covers NFT voting incentives, DAO curation, NFT financing and artworks NFT gaming, to better bond & connect fine art NFTs with the community. UniArts is also developing its substrate-based network with EVMs powered smart contracts for NFT infrastructures.

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