GotFrenchie Brings its Tenacious Canines to the Blockchain

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For time immemorial, humankind has shared its trials and tribulations with a single loyal and wholly dependable companion. A being so noble and pure that it will lift sorrow, enhance joy and fill any world with unquenchable adoration.

Over the many years, the humble dog has offered support as hunter, locator, security guard and most importantly, friend, all resulting in a debt that humans can never repay. So, as our lives cross over into the metaverse, it is only fitting that these steadfast companions remain by our side on this new and exciting journey.

Taking a Walk on the Blockchain

Since 2009, GotFrenchie has redefined the role of the emotional support dog, bringing the faithful hound to a celebrated position within the sports and entertainment industries. As a result, seeing the magnificent brand become the first support dog of the NFL, and featuring on news segments throughout the USA.

Now however, this powerhouse of canine endeavour will discover new territory in the metaverse where the GotFrenchie Club and its collection of loveable dogs will take the ultimate walk onto the blockchain.

Anatomically Accurate French Bulldog NFTs

Arriving later this month, GotFrenchie will launch 10,000 emotional support dogs for the metaverse. A grand menagerie of semi-realistic French Bulldogs rendered in a vibrant mix of bold colours and adorable line art. All algorithmically generated from a huge pool of designs, traits and adornments to come together in a fine collection of unique digital assets.

The official public mint will take place at 12am UTC on October 28, allowing collectors to mint up to 5 NFTs for a modest 0.08 ETH apiece. However, those in the know can jump aboard the whitelist in order to get a lead on the competition. With 2,500 spots available, collectors can mint two GotFrenchie NFT at 12am UTC on October 23 for a reduced price of 0.05 ETH.

Join the whitelist >> Here

More to Come

Later down the line, GotFrenchie will flesh out its sublime ecosystem with a host of incredible upgrades. As such, launching the Genesis 2 collection of blockchain-based pooches. In addition to a DAO, NFT-gated experiences and a wider metaverse integration.

Fully Doxxed for Maximum Transparency

GotFrenchie comes off the back of over 12 years of expert branding within the United States, seeing their pure-bred French Bulldogs melt the hearts of sports stars, celebrities, news anchors and social media stars alike. All managed by a highly efficient team of open and approachable professionals.

Now, GotFrenchie will bring its famed transparency to its mighty blockchain-based endeavour. Therefore, fully doxxing its highly capable team and bringing a calm and nuanced approach to proceedings, all designed to create a trusting ecosystem where the GotFrenchie community will forge a profound connection with its founders.

Check out the official website >> Here

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