Golom – One NFT Marketplace to Rule Them All

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Across almost any context in life, there is always value in having something created by an actual recipient of the product being made. NFT marketplaces are no different, which is why a skilled consortium of digital asset enthusiasts have come together to build Golom, a one-stop solution for NFT trading where users can benefit from the lowest trading fees and an array of analytical tools.

With a permission-less and decentralized protocol at its core, Golom offers an experience which allows anyone in its ecosystem to set up their own exchange. In addition, and with aid from its native token $GOLOM, the platform rewards all those who trade on the platform. Its integration of all ERC721 and ERC1155based collections allows for rewards irrespective of your NFT-related preferences and quirks.


With regards to its platform fees, Golom charges a 0.5% trading fee on all trades made via its contracts, with 100% of these fees going to stakers. The Golom contracts were each written from the ground up, minimizing gas fees and allowing users to enjoy ~40% less gas fees than other marketplaces.

Golom also gives users the power to decide how much royalty they wish to pay, with amounts ranging from 0% to 10%.

Decentralized OrderBook

To distinguish itself from other marketplaces which hide orderbooks, Golom’s orderbook is made publicly available on Polygon, allowing anybody to fill and submit orders without using any frontend.

Analytical Tools

Another distinguishing feature of Golom is the fact that it’s the first exchange to be a full stack platform with a ton of NFT analytical tools at its disposal. With collection facets such as traits, rarity, transactions, volumes, top holders, minters, portfolio analysis, and much more all available for integration, Golom users are given the purest sense of alpha insight when navigating the platform. 


A dynamic which fully embodies Golom’s community-rewarding mission is no other than its actual reward system. To ensure full transparency in the way $GOLOM will be distributed, the project has outlined that none of the tokens will be allocated to the initial team, VCs, or any promoters (nor will there be any sale of tokens). Instead, 70% will be allocated to users who trade or stake, 15% will be airdropped (to users who fulfil certain requirements), 5% will be given to initial traders during the genesis period, and 10% will go to the project’s treasury. 

The Genesis period is set to begin from 25th of May 2022 until 25th of June 2022.


With Golom’s 100% revenue-sharing policy, stakers are always ensured that they will be rewarded with 100% of the revenue, and also retain the same percent ownership of the protocol as inflationary rewards prevent stakers from being diluted by emissions.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/golom-nft-marketplace/

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