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Grand play-to-earn battle arena, Gods Unchained, has unleashed a brand-new way for players to amass its fearsome $GODS coin. Now, those in the know, can ‘stake’ their hard-earned assets to yield additional tremendous rewards.

Dubbed ‘The Offering of the Gods,’ the innovative staking program will essentially reward players for participation in the Gods Unchained ecosystem, achieving this by taking weekly snapshots of its connected Immutable X wallets. Then, distributing additional monthly $GODS tokens based on the lowest number of coins held during that week.

Through this fascinating strategy, users will not endure any lock up period, or have to actively stake their coin in any specific pool. Rather, they must achieve two very simple qualifying objectives in order to participate. Firstly, they must hold $GODS in an Immutable X wallet connected to the Gods Unchained ecosystem, and secondly, they must interact with one aspect of the platform at least once a week. Be it playing the game, using the marketplace or minting NFTs, a simple click of a button will result in contention.

It’s called, we do a little staking, mortals. 1M $GODS in rewards for all eligible GU Citizens. If you’re a GU Citizen, drop a ?

— Gods Unchained (@GodsUnchained) July 4, 2022

This interesting new development within the Gods Unchained environment will last for an initial four months, dropping a cool one million $GODS tokens into the program. After that, it will look to introduce a more permanent staking mechanism. However, the new initiative will retroactively reward long-time investors in the project based on a series of snapshots taken since December 2021.

So, take some time to get to know this remarkable free-to-play gaming environment, and maybe earn some delectable rewards along the way!

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/gods-unchained-unleashes-staking/

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